About the Journal

Journal of Sustainable Communities and Development (JournalSCD) is an online, open-access journal that is independently organized and managed by a consortium of informatics lecturers at Bina Darma University. The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers, lecturers, and students to publish their findings related to community services or charity for sustainable development.

JournalSCD is a scientific article journal that is the result of ideas, great and original thoughts about community services (charity), and technological developments covering the fields of sustainable development summarized in one publisher. JournalSCD became one of the means for researchers to publish their great works published two times in one year, namely in June and December with e-ISSN: 2987-3037.

Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope Journal of Sustainable Communities and Development (JournalSCD) based on Sustainable Development by the United Nation is as follows.